We strive to champion English brands on Street Gentry and every so often we come across a beauty, a brand so special it gets a full page width on Street Gentry where we try to delve a little further into the creator to understand the DNA of the brand.

This is what happened with Augustus Pili, now just over one year old. Handmade in England, the range of stunning luxury men’s shoes are the brainchild of founder Jalil Rahman.

To start, Jalil is not the usual London College of Fashion graduate of many fashion start ups. He is a self taught designer with an entrepreneurial sprit, set to challenge the UK fashion industry. When asked why he set up Augustus Pili, we loved his one bold statement:

“As a young man, I was told that a woman judges a man’s taste by his belt, watch and shoes. I could find the belt and the watch to express myself but could never find the shoes”

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The collection takes inspiration from a trip Jalil took to the Natural History Museum and an exhibition on Alfred Russel Wallace. More the specifically his vibrant paintings of the bird of paradise whose colours have been reflected all across the range. From formal to more casual, the range enables you to always be 100% confident that the most essential part of your outfit will not let you down.

Augustus Pili

Our particular favourite in the range is the Magnus. Classic in form, these leather Oxfords exhibit Augustus Pili flair with aplomb, in the form of collars in contrast colours. The range offers a full and very collectable set of colourways and as you would expect from a handmade British shoe, are hand finished to perfection.

To see the full range and learn more about the brand, check out Augustus Pili website and follow them here on Instagram.