The Mocklite Boater is not your traditional boat shoe. It doesn’t have the leather exterior often associated with boat shoes, but what it does have is practicality and durability.

Made with a rubber outer, the Boater is perfect for the upcoming festival season; comfortable and easy to clean – helpful when the summer weather takes a turn for the worst.

Street Gentry were kindly given a pair of Boater’s to test out and I was lucky enough to slip my feet into them. After a full day of wearing the Boater’s around London, the stand-out feature was certainly the comfortability of the shoes.mens_boater_bari_black_webex

With a soft rubber bottom, you’ll feel your feet gliding when in fact you’re walking on uneven ground. This is precisely why the Mocklite Boater is a great all rounder; perfect for days and nights where you are likely to get your feet dirty but wish to do so in style.


The Boater comes in four colour combinations, navy/tan, black/grey, burgundy/black and all black.

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