If a pair of Goodyear Welted Loakes can take up to eight weeks to make, involve 130 craftsmen, 75 shoe parts and 200 operations, it’s obvious that you’re getting quality, passion and design in return.

The first Loake factory was opened in 1880. Five generations on and 130 years later, Loake is renowned for providing quintessentially British shoes.


At Street Gentry we love our shoes. A good pair is a sign that you care about your appearance and a pair of Loakes will show just that.

Once you find your correct size in a pair of Loakes, prepare to return for further pairs time and time again. And NO, not because your other pairs are knackered – simply, you’ll want to explore all the styles on offer.

That’s the beauty of Loake, from Oxfords, to brogues, leather and suede tassel loafers to Chelsea boots – it has a diverse range of classically inspired footwear that will take cater for a Gent, be it dress up or dress down.


What makes Loake different from other formal footwear brands?

A unique blend of traditional craftsmanship combined with contemporary styling.

What is your 10 year vision for Loake?

It takes 8 weeks to make each pair of shoes, so it’s very important that we continue to update and provide an unmatched stock service. Simply put, our aim is to make really high quality handmade shoes affordable and available to everyone.

Andrew Loake, Managing Director of Loake.



Any brand that can bring elegance and sophistication to a Gents look is likely to be one of our favourite brands and Loake is. Check back soon for our review of the Loake Cannon and for the full range of Loake shoes, visit, Loake.co.uk.