With winter and more wet weather approaching, it’s an apt time to vary your footwear, moving from summer boat and driving shoes to something more accustomed to the seasonal weather. While we’re not yet at the stage where sturdy boots and wellies are required, something a bit more structured is needed. Welcome then, the “Johnson” from ohw?


The look of the shoe epitomises the values of ohw? – clean, fresh and uncomplicated. Made with raven full grain leather, the Johnson W154 has six eyelets with suede toe cap and heel covering giving it a refined look. Beyond aesthetics, the ultimate test for a new pair of footwear is whether it feels comfortable.

Having been kindly sent a pair of the Johnson’s by ohw? I was pleased to find that the interior was very comfortable – a long walk felt as though I was lightly treading on pillows. Indeed, the look and comfortability of the Johnson makes it perfect for weekend wear – a sleek medium between trainers and canvas shoes that will look great paired with jeans or chinos.

Johnson_Breaker LeatherEach shoe produced by ohw? is unique, featuring hand signature of the person who completes the final quality check while also featuring the ohw? logo discreetly etched onto the leather . While only small gestures, they reflect the brand’s commitment to allowing simple detailing and quality to shine through.

SignatureThe Johnson is also available in the two styles shown above,  Raven (black) and Breaker (brown) full grain leather (Brown) and while at £130 is more pricey than comparable that come to mind such as Converse, the quality of the leather and suede used explain why. The Johnson is certainly a shoe that will grow on you with each wear.

For more details on the Johnson, visit ohw?

JOHNSON by Ohw? - Review
4.2Style and comfort for the weekend
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