For some people early autumn is the worst, most dreaded time of the year with many a defiant chap still to be found standing against the chill, wind and rain in shorts and tee shirts doggedly refusing to accept that the summer is well and truly over. Others on the other hand were already itching for the plaid shirts and heavy knits the in the middle of sweltering August, waiting patiently for that first pumpkin latter of the season. To an extent the Street Gentry team have sympathies with both of these extremes, but for the sheer versatility and sartorial fun offered by the colder months with the layering opportunities, overcoats, jackets and scarves mean that  Autumn and Winter usually win the day. Although, if you ask us in the depths of cold and dark January our answer might be different! So in the spirit of the season and following on from our recent Transition in Style post we’ve listed five rugged essentials that we think every Autumn wardrobe should have to see you through till Winter.


Hiking Boots

As we touched upon in our recent hiking post Autumn brings out an romantic allure of wanting to get back to nature, but it also unfortunately brings guaranteed foul-weather so sturdy footwear is a must to navigate the colder months – canvas just won’t cut in the great outdoors! So if you’re looking for boots than can handle harsh weather but are also stylish enough to wear casually then a good pair of hiking boots could very well be your Autumn footwear saviour.

hiking boots

shetland sweater

Trusty Sweater

An autumn mainstay and the most reliable of layering blocks the humble sweater should be a fundamental element of any gents wardrobe. For our rugged essentials however we are talking about that trusty old sweater that you’ve had for years and has never you let down. Hard-wearing, easy to wear and reassuringly warm and cosy. We’ve featured a brushed Shetland sweater but cables and chunky knits are also worthy candidates for the ‘trusty sweater’ status.

Camel Scarf

Autumn is the season where you can really go nuts when it comes to embracing colour and texture. Red, browns, oranges are all fair game for the wardrobe once the leaves start to fall and camel is arguably as autumnal as it gets. It also happens to be one of the most versatile colours when it comes to pitching against other shades such as navy or burgundy. For these reasons and more a camel scarf in a cosy soft wool or luxurious cashmere is the perfect autumn accessory.

camel scarf

flannel shirt

Plaid and Flannel Shirts

Even in the dogs day of summer it’s not uncommon to see a gent in plaid or flannel and this is surely testament to their classic style that people want to wear them all year round – even if it means sweating buckets. The thick, warm material of flannel and the texture and colour of plaid makes them them the go-to shirt for Autumn. Rugged and comfortable the flannel shirt gives a relaxed work-wear worn-in feeling, perfect for weekend hikes, Sunday pubs lunches or pumpkin patch raiding! Japanese brands Uniqlo and Muji always have a great selection of patterns and materials around this time of year and most high street stores have a version of the classic Autumn shirt on offer.

Denim Jacket

Any list of rugged wardrobe essentials worth its salt would have to include the true work-wear classic – the denim jacket, and ours is no exception. Shearling collared jackets can add an extra flourish of texture to an outfit and wool trousers or cords are a must for those wisely weary of double denim. In October and early November the weather can still be fairly mild making the adoption of a winter coat still much to premature, but the slight chill in the air, dreary mornings and unpredictable conditions make these months well and truly the domain of the light jacket.

levis denim jacket

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