The origins of the Fila brand track back to 1911 from a textile company in the Italian city of Biella, a region famous for luxury textiles. But, It wasnt until 1973 when Fila launched its first tennis collection that the beginning of an era in men’s fashion started.  Fila became a favourite amongst Italy’s playboys, sportsmen and the elite.

Sponsoring Bjorn Borg and Guillermo Vilas took Fila into the limelight, and original track tops now sell for up to £600.00 on Ebay. This has been helped in part by the launch of Nick Love’s film ‘The Business’, which brought 80’s sports fashion back into focus.

The overwhelming question asked by most is ‘what happened to Fila?’ which is a subject for a much more nerdy feature. What is key, is that the brand is back and is now focusing on their roots as a luxurious lifestyle brand.

We’ve picked out our favourites from their latest collection below. If you like what you see the garments can be purchased direct from their site.

rosario-tshirt-fila-vintageFila Vintage Polo Shirttiebreaker-black-fila-vintage



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