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Most Gents spend little time choosing a belt. Once the colour and size is sorted, anything that fits the bill is usually selected. However, luxury belt-maker Elliot Rhodes, believe that we should pay more attention to our belt choices, so last week Street Gentry paid them a visit.

Upon entering its St. Christopher’s Place store, I was greeted by a large array of belts and buckles (over 200 belts straps and 800 buckles) – a candy-shop of belts. The brand prides itself on enabling each Gent to reflect his individuality through his belt choice. This is achieved by the one to one guidance provided by the Elliot Rhodes sales assistants in store (which I made great use of!). After all, who wouldn’t need a little help when deciding between animal design, oval and rectangular buckles with a belt selection that has everything from suede to alligator leather.Belt Selection


As I was looking for something suitable for both smart and casual occasions, I eventually settled for a dark chocolate Mock Ostrich belt strap (main photo), complemented by an antique gold viewfinder buckle. Once the belt had been chosen I was measured up and had the belt cut down to the perfect size, with the option of extra belt holes.


Depending on the style and materials used, Elliot Rhodes belts range from £80 to upwards of £150. To some this may seem a little hefty but as the founder of the brand, Justin Rhodes questioned, “why spend hundreds of pounds on your suit, shoes and other items of clothing but be unwilling to spend a fraction of that on your belt?”

What cannot be denied is the all-round quality that Elliot Rhodes provides, from the broad range of Italian, and Spanish made belts to the friendly assistance in store. Elliot Rhodes deserves to be the go-to belt destination for belts to suit all occasions. For further information and the full range of belts, buckles and accessories visit Elliot Rhodes.