Following on from their recent collaboration with North Face, American shoe boutique Concepts have this time teamed up with Clarks to produce an  exciting update on their classic desert boot design. The ‘Desert Palmers’ are certainly a handsome pair of boots with all the quality and durability you’d expect from a pair of Clarks combined with eye-catching new features and colourways from the creative brains at Concepts. Featuring an Italian suede upper, branded hang tag, and waxed cotton laces that match the colour of the shoe, the great attention to detail on this project even extends to the packaging. with the boots shipping in an attractive red shoebox for all you collectors and shoe connoisseurs out there.

With a choice of the two bold colourways featured below, the ‘Desert Palmer’ boots will be available to buy online November 2nd. Why not add a splash of colour to your footwear?


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