According to a recent well publicised Government report into social mobility, simply wearing brown shoes in the City is a no no. Supposedly the saying goes “never wear brown in town”. Alas, never wanting to leave our readers in the lurch, we’ve listed our top City ready, black shoes.

The Oxford is the go to City shoe, suitable for any formal occasion. All reputable shoemakers will have a standard Oxford in their range – the Loake 747 is one of our favourites.747

There are many Monk strap shoes around but the William Leather from John Lobb is pure subtle elegance. This handmade toe cap monk strap is complemented by the gold buckles.

John Lobb

The full brogue is a traditional City classic, look no further than the Burwood from Church’s. With a deep shine, this is a shoe that demonstrates you mean business.

CheaneyTassel loafers have steadily gone from weekend smart casual shoes to stylish alternatives to lace up’s. The Harry Tassel loafer from Cheaney is a solid choice.


If you like your loafers without tassels then the George Cleverley, “George” penny loafers are a great choice. Simple and classy.