The word “cool” is often overused in the world of fashion but the Axel Arigato footwear range is worthy of that description.

A visit to will reveal a broad range of exceptionally well designed sneakers, slippers and loafers. A cross between high fashion and everyday footwear, the Axel Arigato range is sure to capture your gaze with the diverse array of finishes the sneakers carry, from embossed alligator, to pony hair.

There is very little info about who Axel Arigato actually is, but with a footwear range that looks so good, who cares?

Designed in Paris and operating in Sweden, all styles are available online.

Velvet Slipper


Chukka Sneaker

 “We believe that shoes are the way for people to express who they truly are and should be selected before any other part of the outfit.” Axel Arigato



Black leopard pony hair Black alligator leather

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