Although we’re currently basking in the unseasonable warmth of an Indian summer, yesterday was officially the first day of Autumn. So good news – it’s seasonably acceptable to start layering up with tweed, wool and corduroy. Whether you’ll want to of course when it’s currently a balmy 20 degrees outside is another matter – hey we’re not ones to judge, the temptation of delving into your autumn wardrobe is a tough itch not to scratch!

So Indian summer or not we’re fully embracing autumn here at Street Gentry and to celebrate we’ve picked what is arguably the most autumnal film imaginable as a alternative source of wardrobe inspiration to the endless lookbooks and style blogs; Wes Anderson’s stop motion favourite Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Known for his unique style and attention to detail, Wes Anderson’s films are populated with characters with distinctive wardrobes and sartorial flourishes. The wild animals and farmers that make up the cast of Fantastic Mr. Fox are no exception with oxford cloth shirts, trench coats, double breasted suits, polo shirt/khaki combos and even utility jackets all on show in abundance, creating a visual treasure trove of style inspiration for the autumn wardrobe hunter.



Mr.Fox’s Smart Casual

Conventional ‘style wisdom’ would normally advise against a tie with a short sleeve shirt. But we think Mr. Fox’s combination of a repp tie with a crisp white Oxford is a great casual look, perfect for those early autumn days at the office when the chill hasn’t quite taken hold yet. To replicate the shirt and tie both of our picks came from J. Crew. The orange and blue stripes of this silk tweed tie are ideal for the time of the year and the flecked finish courtesy of the ties material adds a bonus element of texture and interest. We picked a short sleeve white Oxford to wear with the tie purely because we like the thickness and quality of J. Crew’s materials, you could of course get a shirt like this at pretty much any high street stores – but be wary of ‘added features’ like purple buttons or military styling that stores like River Island are so fond of, Mr. Fox or Mr. Anderson for that matter would not approve. Sometimes you just can’t improve on a classic!
So with a quintessential autumn tie and short sleeve shirt covered we moved to the bottom half. To replicate the cropped trousers we picked a tapered pair from AMI in a wool/flannel material. The neutral colour of these trousers makes them incredibly versatile for the autumn months, equally at home with trainers or shoes. We went for a pair of suede Clarks desert boots in stone to finish off the outfit.



Autumn tie




Mr.Fox’s Corduroy Suit

Only the very brave would attempt to replicate Mr. Fox’s corduroy heavy double-breasted evening look. But if you’re going to embrace the season why not go the whole hog, nothing quite says autumn like various shades of orange and yellow in heavy corduroy! There is a tweed suit from J. Crew that fills the bills exactly – but to keep the budget down we opted for a slightly more subtle wool and cotton suit from Cos (sadly not double-breasted!) For the shirt we found a pretty much nailed on like for like match from Uniqlo and a sturdy pair of tan brogues (ones pictured from Grenson) keeps the Wes Anderson monochrome theme going strong and ties the whole lot together.



autumn jacket
uniqlo shirt
autumn trousers


It’s great when you can find some style or wardrobe inspiration from unusual or unexpected sources. The autumnal richness of Fantastic Mr. Fox makes it a perfect (and fun!) point reference for this time of year. If you’ve got any unusual sources for sartorial inspiration feel free to share them with us in the comments.