During the Autumn months there are few better pleasures after a hard weeks work at the office than a weekend hike. After five days inhalation of City fumes, stuffy air-conditioned work places and Underground tribulations the chance to get some fresh air and open space is not just good for your health but also good for your soul as well. Even the most ardent urban dweller needs to embrace his inner country mouse now and again. Without a robust, functional pair of boots however hiking in the Autumn and Winter is near enough impossible – unless you fancy getting your trainers waterlogged or losing your favourite desert boots in a pesky concealed bog!

Luckily the Lacoste AW15 collection has focussed on addressing these concerns for the style conscious hiking gent with long-lasting and comfortable boots influenced by the world of outdoor sports. The pick of the collection for us is the Montbard Chukka in a suitably autumnal tan colour way which was the perfect foundation for our Autumn Hike outfit below. The high quality material (100% leather upper and a comfy suede collar!) means that the Lacoste boots are comfortable for wearing in both the City and the Great Outdoors and robust enough to handle most of what colder months can through at them! If you are in the market for some hard-wearing footwear for some hiking or simply to see you through the harsher autumn and winter months we would definitely recommend the Chukka’s which are available from ASOS for £135. The key point to remember is that embracing nature doesn’t mean that you need to forgo style, just don’t forget the map!

lacoste chukka lacoste chukka2 lacoste chukka3