Refinement and class are the makings of a true Gent, something that accessories brand, Alice Made This, understands well. Founded with the intention of refining industry, Alice Made This, has a luxurious range of shirt studs, lapel pins and its main focus, cufflinks.

James Gold CufflinksEach collection of cufflinks is finely crafted using a unique British manufacturing technique, from Aerospace part production to Military stamping. Meanwhile the selection of cufflinks and other accessories include steel, brass, copper, ceramic and rope variations.


“Alice Made This was founded with a clear and precise intention: to refine industry. We use British industrial engineering methods to create clean and honest accessories.”

We were kindly gifted the Francis Rose Gold cufflinks pictured below. Beginning life as a wax piece before being vaporised and replaced with molten metal in a Hatton Garden casting house – these cufflinks are testament to the quality that goes into creating each of the Alice Made This accessories.

Francis Rose Gold

Alice Made This accessories offer a subtle hint of gentlemanly class, perfect for weddings and other special occasions. We at Street Gentry, are big fans of the collection. To see the the full range, visit Alice Made This.