Gentlemen who wear dress shirts regularly will be familiar with the constant tussle that ensues throughout the day. Tucking the shirt into the trousers only to find your hard work ruined and the shirt seeping over the belt.

There are a few solutions to this – you could try the military tuck. This involves folding both sides of your dress shirt and pulling the trousers up to keep in place. Alternatively, you may wish to invest in bespoke shirts, tailored to your specific fit. With the typical custom dress shirt priced at upwards of £80, this is a more costly answer.

There is a third option, the shirt stay. Two shirt stays are used, one on either leg, clipped to the sock and then to the shirt. More frequently used by in the military and by those in uniform, we would be lying if we did not admit that we were sceptical when we received the Dapper Y-Shaped shirt stay from British family business 2Clicks.

Surely it would be visible through trousers? Would they fall off? Would it alter mobility?

Riddled with scepticism and several questions, we gave the shirt stay a try for a working week, wearing with a suit and boy were we glad. Confounding all our doubts, the shirt Stay was simple to use and comfortable.

The Dapper Shirt stay combines metal clips with elastodiene and polyester straps for durability and all that was required upon first use, was to adjust the length to get the correct tension; a fine balance between slackness and tightness. To our surprise, the stay could not be seen through slim fit suit trousers and did not restrict the run for the morning train.

While it will inevitably take a day or two to get used to, the best compliment we can pay is to say that the shirt stay has now become a mandatory accessory for us when wearing a dress shirt. The Dapper Y-shaped shirt stay is £20, to buy or for more information, visit Amazon.