Solid State Cologne | Freshness On The Go
Fragrance Duration
Value For Money
4.7Overall Score

On the go and need a bout of freshness? Crisis averted thanks to Solid State Cologne, a pocket sized wax based fragrance from Australian brand Solid State. For the last month, we’ve been testing out the three available fragrances, Journeyman, Wayfarer and Voyager, to see if they quite literally, last the test of time.

Being wax based, the colognes work best when applied to pulse points such as wrists, neck and behind the ears. Following this guidance to T first time round, the cologne afforded me more than 6 hours of fragrance.

The scents from the cologne’s are by no means overbearing, providing for refreshing subtle scents recognisable only by others in close proximity.

A diversity of scents, the Journeyman features a moss, wood base with hints of musk and spice.

JourneymanWith top notes of tobacco leaf, tonca bean, vanilla complemented by a spicy fruit and wood base, the Wayfarer is a cologne suited for the evening.
WayfarerThe Voyager, the most diverse of the three fragrances (and our favourite), sees scents such as nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood and mint, blended with incense, grapefruit, cedar and pink pepper to provide a fresh scent suitable for day and night.

What’s great about the Solid State Cologne is its petite size, allowing it to fit in both blazer and trouser pockets meaning it can of course be reapplied on the go. And despite its portable size, the colognes are surprisingly long lasting, promising to provide months of daily use before running out.
3 Pack Solid StateRetailing at around £17 for an individual fragrance and just under £50 for all three fragrances, Solid State combines long lasting portable freshness with value for money, earning a big “Yes” from Street Gentry.
To purchase the fragrances and for further information, visit Solid State.