As modern Gents, we see the kitchen as a welcome place but as the saying goes “a workman is only as good as his tools”. It’s no surprise then that we look for the best utensils to hone in on our culinary skills and the Yaxell Ran 25.5cm Chef’s Knife is one such tool.

We were kindly sent the Yaxell Ran by our friends at the Steamer Trading Cookshop, a British family run cooking appliance store and put it to the Gentry test.  Light and easy to handle, we found the knife to cut through all things; fish, meat and vegetables with consummate ease. This should be no surprise as Yaxell Ran knives are made in Seki, Japan a place famous for manufacturing Samurai swords for centuries.

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“The word ‘Ran’ means ‘The Excellent in Japanese; Yaxell Ran knives are truly excellent in every way and reflect the highest standards of Oriental quality and performance.”

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Like all things Gentry, the aesthetics must be right and the Yaxell Ran certainly meets our expectations; sleek and contemporary, it carries a clean look complemented by the subtle detailing on the blade. If ever there was a Gentleman’s knife, the Yaxell Ran would be it.

At £115, the knife certainly isn’t cheap but for those looking to invest in long term quality, look no further. For the Yaxell Ran and the full range of knives, visit the Steamer Trading Cookshop,

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