Working in the City requires a bag that is not only stylish but both compact and sturdy as well. Recently launched on Kickstarter, the first bag by Boita Bags Co. certainly meets each of these requirements. Constructed from recycled plastic bottles, vegan friendly leather and plant-based foam which prevents balloons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, instead returning clean filtered water back into the ecosystem – this is most certainly an eco friendly bag.

Not only is the bag ethically sound but it packs a punch in its durability. The bag can be held as a briefcase or worn as rucksack with room for laptop and tablet. It has compartments for other accessories and a removable organiser cube, complemented by magnetic handles and waterproof construction. Aesthetically, it is everything we look for in a bag, a clean and simple design that wont detract from business or casual wear.

First bags are expected for delivery in January 2019 and we can’t wait. Visit Boita for more info.