While we enjoy the warmest days of the year so far, living in the UK means that rain is never far away. Whilst we are not wishing the rain back any time soon, its important that when it does pour down, a Gent can defend himself in style. Accordingly, we’ve listed our top 5 umbrella picks.

Featuring a Sherlock Holmes monogram patterned interior with a traditional beach wood shaft and natural bamboo handle, this is another gem of an umbrella from London Undercover.

Sherlock Umbrella

If you’re looking for a variation to the block coloured umbrella, the Hattersley Holly is a good choice, merging colour and gentlemanly class.


Simple and effective with a classic style. This compact umbrella with a genuine wood handle and automatic opening, is sturdy and commuter friendly.

Magnum Compact

Handmade in Italy from rigid mallaca wood, complemented by a leather handle, the Alnwick exudes gentlemanly sophistication.


With its 18th century gothic inspired jaguar head, this striking umbrella by Westminster based menswear designer Archer Adams will help you stand out.