MediCom have just announced their latest series of Be@rbrick’s.

Be@rbrick’s are a guilty pleasure, a collection that is not worth bringing up in a pub with a complete stranger as you come across as – “That guy that collects Japanese Toys” which is always questionable, especially in Soho.

Though, dig a little deeper and you actually find an amazing brand dedicated to working with some of the most famous artists, designers, architects and bands in the world including Vivienne Westwood, H.R. Giger & Pushead.

Each Be@rbrick is identical in form but unique in their artwork and each series contains “rares” which are much prized if you receive one.

This post comes with a warning. The Be@rbrick collection is addictive (I have over 30) but they make for one of the best ways to spruce up your bookshelf!

Bearbrick Series 27

Bearbrick Series 27 Robocop

Bearbrick Series 27 Zebra

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